Don’t Leave Your Site Vulnerable: Construction Site Security Services

Construction sites are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and trespassers, making robust security crucial for protecting valuable equipment, materials, and ensuring that your project’s progress isn’t disrupted.

At Panthera Group, we offer a wide range of security services including access control to prevent intruders, wireless alarms to alert users, CCTV security systems to detect and record crime, and professional security personnel to provide an effective deterrent. We also provide additional health and safety systems like emergency evacuation alarms to protect your workforce.

Key Benefits:

Risk Mitigation

Our range of services mitigate both security and safety concerns to protect your workforce, equipment, and your entire construction site.

Fully Compliant

At Panthera all of our operations are fully compliant with all construction site regulations, and all security staff are DBS-checked.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you are running a small development or larger project, we can offer customisable and scalable solutions to suit your needs.

All-In-One Solution

Not only do we offer security solutions for the construction industry, but we also offer electrical and mechanical temporary site services as well as sustainable hoarding and fencing.

  • Wireless Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Security Guarding
  • Site Evacuation and Responder Systems
  • Wireless Alarms

    Wireless Alarms – Protection 24/7, 365 Days A Year

    At Panthera Group, we provide a range of wireless alarms that not only deter intruders with audible alerts, but can also integrate with smoke and heat detectors. Our sophisticated alarm systems are monitored by an ARC (alarm receiving centre)  24/7, 365 days a year, meaning you have comprehensive protection round-the-clock for your site.

    Key Features

    • SMS notifications to site managers when triggered
    • 85-110dB sounders
    • Fully compliant with industry regulations
    • Durable and weatherproof
    • Up to 480 units in one system, ensuring every corner of your site is covered
    • 6V battery backup provides one month battery life if disconnected from mains power
    • Detailed event logs
    • Customisable and flexible solutions
    Wireless Alarm


    Monitoring Sites with Advanced CCTV Solutions

    Whether you need advanced features like video streaming and two-way audio, or a cost-effective option for 24/7 footage review, we have a CCTV option for you. Our systems deter and detect crime, ensuring your project stays secure throughout construction.

    Key Features

    • Remote monitoring from NACOSS Gold ARC
    • Customisable and scalable solutions to suit any site
    • Scaffold & crane CCTV systems available (CraneCAM™ & ScaffCAM™)
    • More cost-effective than manned guarding services
    • Option of 4k quality cameras
    • Option of 31-day recording storage
    • Incident reports available with event logs
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    panthera group cctv camera and signage
    panthera group cctv camera
    panthera group cctv camera

    Access Control

    Streamline Entry, Safeguard Your Site – Access Control Systems

    Secure your construction site with our range of flexible pedestrian and vehicle access control systems. Choose from physical barriers like turnstiles or opt for facial recognition systems. Our access control solutions integrate with delivery management software and can also integrate with emergency evacuation systems by allowing turnstiles to free-spin when evacuation systems are triggered.

    Key Features

    • Single & double full-height and half-height turnstiles available
    • Option of turnstiles in a cabin
    • Optional integration with access control software
    • Prevents unauthorised access
    • Allows monitoring of personnel on-site
    • Integration with emergency evacuation systems – turnstile will free-spin if triggered
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    sitecontrol pro fingerprint scanner on access control gate
    access control gate being installed
    panthera group access control gates

    Security Guarding

    Proactive Protection With Security Guarding Services

    Our manned guarding services provide a powerful deterrent for your construction site. Highly trained security guards and mobile patrols deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of your site, equipment, and personnel. These services can be implemented as a standalone system or as part of a combined security solution, and our flexible options allow you to tailor your manned security services to the needs of your construction project.

    Key Features

    • Powerful visible deterrent
    • Monitoring available 24/7, 365 days a year
    • All security guards can access 24-hour NACOSS Gold Receiving Centre staff
    • Security staff hold SIA licences and CSCS cards
    • On-site tagging system monitors and records patrols
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    panthera group security staff member

    Site Evacuation and Responder Systems

    Site Evacuation Systems - Equipping Your Site for Safety

    Panthera Group’s SiteEvac™ range incorporates cutting-edge detection equipment, emergency call points and dedicated first responder stations to ensure a swift and safe evacuation of your workforce.

    Key Features

    • Detailed event log included
    • User-friendly interface
    • Site managers can be alerted via SMS notifications
    • Waterproof external call points
    • Optional first aid alerts
    • Long-range radio meshing signal


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    panthera group site evacuation alarms

    Got A Question About Our Temporary Security Services?

    Are your temporary construction site security services compliant?

    All of our temporary construction site security products adhere to construction site requirements, providing round-the-clock peace of mind.

    What construction site access control systems does Panthera Group offer?

    We have a range of physical barriers such as single and double full-height and half-height turnstiles as well as software options such as facial recognition and software.

    What type of projects are best suited to Panthera's temporary security services and products?

    Our scalable access control solutions ensure a perfect fit for your project, from large-scale developments to smaller sites.

    What type of security guarding services does Panthera Group offer?

    Our security guarding services include construction site guards and mobile security patrols, both of which are available as flexible and tailored solutions so you can make the ideal choice for your project.

    Got a question? Ask our expert team.
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