Stay Alert, Stay Safe: Emergency Alarms For Your Site

Don’t compromise when it comes to safety. At Panthera Group, our comprehensive range of emergency evacuation alarm systems are designed to provide you with protection where it matters most.

Our systems go beyond just evacuation alarms; our range includes Control Panels to record event logs, smoke and heat detectors, emergency and first aid call points, and 24/7 monitoring services to ensure swift reactions in the event of an emergency.

Key Benefits:

Safety For Every Site

Scalable and customisable, our systems are designed to protect personnel on all construction sites, big or small.

Built to Last

Designed specifically for use in construction sites, our SiteEvac™ product range is durable, weatherproof and can even withstand exposure to chemicals and heavy-duty tools.

Admin Support

Our emergency evacuation range includes Control Panels; these record essential data and event logs, streamlining your admin.

Advanced Capabilities

Our SiteEvac™ range works in conjunction with site access systems; SiteEvac™ can even be configured to allow free turnstile rotation for swift and safe evacuation when triggered.

  • Control Equipment
  • Detection Equipment
  • Emergency Call Points
  • Control Equipment

    Control Equipment - Data-Driven Safety

    Stay informed and in control with our advanced SiteEvac™ Control Panels. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate any construction site, these systems not only record essential data and keep detailed event logs, but also provide clear visual feedback through user-friendly displays.

    Key Features

    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Flexible placement options – no need to fix to a wall
    • Optional 24/7 monitoring and surveillance
    • Automatic data logging
    • Stores a detailed event log with timestamps
    • Different sizes to suit the needs of different sites
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    Detection Equipment

    Detection Equipment - Early Warning, Effective Response

    From smoke and heat detection to exclusion zone alarms, Panthera offers a comprehensive range of detection equipment to meet your site’s needs.

    SiteEvac™ Smoke Detector 

    Equipped with an 85-decibel alarm, our Smoke Detector monitors your site 24/7.  It immediately triggers a loud and clear warning upon detecting smoke.

    SiteEvac™ Heat Detector 

    Our Heat Detector is designed to identify rapid temperature spikes, signaling potential fire risks early on. This allows for swift intervention, minimising damage.

    SiteEvac™ Exclusion Zone Alarm 

    Panthera’s Exclusion Zone Alarm is designed to keep your high-risk or dangerous areas around your site safe. This fully wireless system can be easily moved around the construction site to adapt to changing needs, and features an 85-decibel alarm and optional PIR sensor.

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    Emergency Call Points

    Emergency Call Points - Fire Alarms & First Aid

    Our Emergency Call Points range consists of the SiteEvac™ Fire Call Point, SiteEvac™ First Aid Alert Point, and SiteEvac™ Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm.

    SiteEvac™ Fire Call Point 

    When triggered, this Call Point utilises a 110-decibel sounder and a bright LED beacon to signal immediate evacuation.

    SiteEvac™ First Aid Alert Point 

    Our First Aid Alert Point provides a clear call to action in case of medical emergencies. It emits an 85-decibel beep every 8 seconds, while simultaneously sending an instant notification to the SiteEvac™ control panel.

    SiteEvac™ Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm 

    This product includes the essential features of both our Fire and First Aid Call Points and can be adapted to suit your needs. 

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    Got a Question About Our Evacuation Alarms?

    What are the different products you offer?

    At Panthera Group, we provide an extensive range of Control Equipment, Detection Equipment, Emergency Call Points, and Automated External Defibrillators.

    Are SiteEvac™ products customiseable?

    All of our products are designed to be customiseable and scalable; no matter the size and scale of your construction site, we have the ideal safety and security products to suit your needs.

    Are SiteEvac™ products easy to use?

    Yes! While our products utilise highly advanced technology, we incorporate user-friendly designs to make our products intuitive to use.

    Are SiteEvac™ products compatible with other security and site access systems?

    Absolutely – our products can work as standalone solutions or as a combined system with other products.

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