Essential Mechanical Services For A Streamlined Site

Keep your construction project running smoothly with our temporary mechanical services, available for projects across London and the Home Counties.

We provide all the essentials you need, from clean and convenient washrooms and toilets to running water and efficient waste management. No matter the size of your building site, Panthera offers scalable solutions to ensure your workforce has the essential utilities and amenities they need to be productive and comfortable throughout the entire project.

Key Benefits:

Multi-Service Discount

As well as mechanical services and plumbing, we can also provide security and electrical temporary site services, meaning you get cost-effective solutions and streamlined communication.

Versatile Mechanical Services

Whether you need plumbing and water supplies for a small site or a large, longterm project, we can help! Our services are customisable and flexible.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our temporary mechanical services include drainage facilities, basins (with hot and cold water), toilets, drinking water stations and waste management.

Industry Experts

At Panthera Group, we’re experts within the construction industry with decades of experience, so you can relax knowing that your project is in safe hands.

  • Temporary Water Infrastructure
  • Water Supply to Washrooms and Facilities
  • System Sterilisation
  • Temporary Water Infrastructure

    Never Run Dry – Temporary Water Infrastructure

    At Panthera, we provide a comprehensive range of temporary services across London and the Home Counties to keep your construction site running smoothly.

    We provide everything you need, from water storage facilities and clean drinking stations to efficient waste management and comfortable washrooms.

    We also go beyond the basics by offering sustainable solutions such as rainwater harvesting systems, reducing your environmental impact and keeping your project costs down.

    Key Features

    • Water storage facilities
    • Sterilisation capabilities
    • Waste management
    • Washrooms and basins
    • Silo supplies
    • Sustainable rainwater harvesting system
    • Clean water drinking stations
    • Cloud-based water level monitoring system
    • Scalable solutions for small and large sites
    • Available to sites across London and Home Counties
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    Equipment for washing hands outdoors in park during events, festivals
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    Close-Up of Newly Installed Sewage Pipe and Utility Connections in Construction Site

    Water Supply to Washrooms and Facilities

    Comfort & Hygiene: Temporary Washrooms

    Keep your workforce feeling fresh and focused throughout the workday with Panthera’s temporary washroom solutions.

    We go beyond basic plumbing systems, providing fully operational washrooms complete with showers, hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, and even hand dryers.

    At Panthera, we offer mechanical services alongside electrical and security temporary site solutions, meaning you can streamline your construction site set up services with one single point of contact.

    Key Features

    • Flushing toilets
    • Basins with hot and cold water
    • Hand dryers
    • Waste management
    • Available to sites across London and Home Counties
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    Temporary toilet in construction site
    water flowing from the tap

    System Sterilisation

    Safe, Sterilised: Clean Water For Construction Sites

    Safe, clean drinking water is essential for any construction site, big or small. At Panthera, we provide sterilisation systems that ensure safe, sterilised water is provided via drinking stations.

    Key Features

    • Sterilisation system to ensure clean safe drinking water
    • Drinking water stations installed across the site
    • Scalable solutions for both big and small construction sites
    • Available to sites across London and Home Counties
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    water tanks
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    Got A Question About our Temporary Mechanical Site Services?

    What Temporary Mechanical Site Services does Panthera Group offer?

    We offer a variety of temporary mechanical services for construction sites, including washrooms and toilets (with hot and cold water and hand dryers), showers, water storage facilities, drinking water stations, waste management systems and sterilisation systems. These temporary mechanical services are also offered alongside our temporary electrical and security services, meaning you can save money by choosing one single point of contact for all your construction site needs.

    What type of projects are most suited to these services?

    We offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for any construction site, no matter the size or complexity.

    Why do I need temporary water infrastructure systems for my site?

    Our water infrastructure systems ensure the health, hygiene and wellbeing of those on site. A consistent supply of water is also crucial for many on-site activities like mixing concrete.

    Can you provide sustainable temporary mechanical systems for my site?

    In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritise incorporating eco-friendly systems whenever possible. We offer waterless urinals and a rainwater harvesting system, where we capture and repurpose rainwater within construction sites.

    Got a question? Ask our expert team.
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