Secure Your Scaffolding With Premium Alarm Systems

Concerned about the security of your scaffolding?

Our trusted and comprehensive scaffold security systems deter unwanted intruders and keep your scaffolding protected around the clock, promising protection 24/7, 365 days a year. We can even provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our insurance company approved scaffold alarms are favoured by some of the UK’s leading estate management companies, building surveyors and local authorities.

Panthera Group was the first UK company to be awarded the NACOSS Gold accreditation by the NSI, and our scaffold alarm systems also meet the stringent requirements of the National Code of Practice (NCP115).

Key Benefits:

Industry Leaders

We take immense pride in being the UK’s largest scaffold alarm systems provider, offering complete peace of mind to our clients across the UK.

Expert Installers

Our DBS-checked engineers provide efficient yet professional installation. Our team is committed to excellence, from the initial installation through to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Accredited Systems

Our alarm systems are not only fully compliant with NCP115, but we were also the first UK supplier of scaffold alarm systems to receive NACOSS Gold accreditation from the NSI.

24/7 National Coverage

We provide scaffold security systems nationwide, and our alarms offer protection 24/7, 365 days a year. We also provide installation at just 24 hours’ notice.

  • Scaffold Alarms
  • ScaffCam™
  • Scaffold Alarm Evacuation
  • Scaffold Fencing
  • Scaffold Hoarding
  • Scaffold Alarms

    Scaffold Alarms - 24/7 Protection For Your Site

    Don’t leave your construction site vulnerable to vandalism or thieves.

    Panthera’s state-of-the-art scaffold alarms systems offer comprehensive security for your scaffolding, with coverage 365 days a year.  Installed nationwide by DBS-checked experts, our alarms deter intruders and ensure complete peace of mind.

    Our ARC (alarm receiving centre) monitors your scaffolding 24/7, and we can offer a manned response in the event of a breach.

    Key Features

    • Nationwide coverage 365 days a year
    • Insurance compliant
    • Installation with just 24 hours’ notice
    • 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
    • Advanced intruder detection technology
    • NACOSS Gold accredited
    • NCP115 Certificated installations
    • Insurance certified sites
    • DBS checked personnel
    • Manned response available
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    panthera group scaffold alarm being installed
    panthera group scaffold alarm


    ScaffCAM™ - Visual Surveillance System

    Upgrade your scaffolding security and alarm system with ScaffCAM™, a cutting-edge video surveillance system. This completely wireless solution features a built-in PIR camera, capturing high quality footage of your site and any potential intruders. The system transmits footage to our expert security team round-the-clock.

    Key Features

    • Wireless CCTV system
    • High-quality video footage
    • Fixed camera position
    • 2-year Lithium battery life
    • Efficient installation
    • High-level protection
    • Durable camera casing
    • Prevents false alarms
    • Can work alongside scaffold alarms
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    purple camera on site
    Panthera van on site
    panthera group scaffcam

    Scaffold Alarm Evacuation

    Scaffold Alarm Evacuation – Protecting Your Workforce

    In the event of an emergency, ensure the safety of your workers with Panthera’s evacuation alarms. Our alarm evacuation buttons are designed to be easily accessible, and can be strategically placed on every scaffold lift. Quick to install and available in a compact design, our scaffold evacuation alarms integrate with our scaffold alarm systems.

    Key Features

    • Quick installation
    • Compact design
    • Easy access button
    • Zone mapping
    • Up to 80 emergency push buttons available across multiple lifts
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Integrates with scaffold alarm system
    evacuation alarm on scaffolding
    evacuation alarm on scaffolding
    evacuation alarm on scaffolding

    Scaffold Fencing

    Scaffold Fencing – Premium Protection For Your Scaffolding

    Protect your scaffolding with Panthera’s versatile scaffold fencing. Our scaffold fencing systems create a secure perimeter, deterring unauthorised access and safeguarding your project and your workers. We offer a wide range of flexible temporary barrier systems at different heights and weights, so you can tailor your scaffold fencing to your project.

    Key Features

    • Different height and weight options available
    • Privacy and protection for workers
    • Creates a secure perimeter
    • Protects public against risk of falling objects
    • Protects site against theft, vandalism or wildlife
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    scaffolding fencing
    scaffolding with panthera sign
    internal view of scaffolding fencing

    Scaffold Hoarding

    Scaffold Hoarding: Sustainable Scaffolding Protection

    Looking to make your building project net-zero?

    Go green with your scaffolding protection with EnviroHoard™, Panthera’s range of LCA-verified net-zero hoarding solutions.

    EnviroHoard™ is an eco-conscious, high-performance alternative to conventional plywood scaffold hoarding. This system can help you secure your scaffolding while also protecting the general public from construction work. While EnviroHoard™ SCAFFOLD is specifically designed with scaffold hoarding in mind, our other EnviroHoard™ systems (such as EnviroHoard™ SHIELD and EnviroHoard™ GOLIATH) are also suitable.

    Key Features

    • NCP115 Certificated installations
    • Fully compliant with insurance policies
    • Innovative patent-pending design
    • Modular for easy adaptation
    • Durable steel mesh
    • Safe, no-dig on-ground system
    • Full site-specific design pack with every installation
    • 100% recycled post-production and post-consumer waste uPVC
    • Gold Standard carbon offsetting and tree planting initiatives (with Trees for Cities & Circular Ecology)
    • Faster, easier and more cost-effective to install compared to traditional hoarding systems
    • BS476 Class 1 Part 7 Panel Fire Rating
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    Leicester Square Station hoarding
    C.Bechstein hoarding scaffolding

    Got a Question About Our Scaffold Security?

    If an alarm is activated, who responds?

    The response to alarm activation depends on the system you have in place. For basic, unmonitored alarms, the responsibility of responding lies with the individuals on-site.

    With our monitored alarm systems, you can specify up to four designated contacts who will be immediately notified if the alarm is activated. We also offer the option to have a manned response to attend the site promptly.

    How long do the batteries last?

    The batteries used in our systems typically last up to 2 years. We utilise high-quality lithium batteries to ensure long-lasting performance and reliable operation for an extended period.

    Does the alarm sounder just continue to sound when activated?

    Our alarm sounders are designed to be flexible and can be customised to suit your specific need. The duration of the alarm sound can be adjusted, ranging from 2 seconds to two minutes.

    Additionally, for sites where a silent activation is preferred, the alarm sound can be muted, and the activation will be sent directly to the monitoring station for appropriate response.

    How frequently is the security division audited by the NSI?

    Our security division undergoes both external and internal audits on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) standards.

    How quickly can you be on site?

    We can be on any site within 24 hours from receiving the instruction, often even sooner. We also offer round-the-clock availability, 365 days a year.

    What is the NCP115 Code of Practice?

    The NCP115 Code of Practice, established by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), sets the industry's highest standards for the design, installation, and maintenance of scaffolding alarm systems. Companies achieving NCP115 compliance demonstrate business excellence and a commitment to security.

    At Panthera Group, we take pride in being NCP115 compliant, recognising the importance of adequately securing properties during periods when they are most vulnerable – such as when scaffolding is erected.
    Panthera Group also helped develop the standards of excellence set out in NCP115 in collaboration with the NSI.

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