Panthera Group is committed to a greener future in construction; we have built sustainability into our purpose, strategy and business operations.  We are committed to our environmental responsibility and take pride in providing sustainably designed systems and services that actively contribute to carbon reduction and improving efficiency (and improving energy efficiency) on the sites that we provide services to. Panthera Group is growing and with growth you would expect to see an increase in CO2e but with the changes and investment we have made to reduce our carbon impact we are proud to share through our scope 1 & 2 report that our tCO2e per employee has fallen by -5.30% in 2022 and a further -10.25% in 2023.

Our ambitious plan to achieve net zero by 2045 is underway, and we have already achieved significant milestones!  In 2020 we invested in our passion to eliminate the use of timber and plywood hoarding in the construction sector by developing a truly sustainable hoarding system – the first of its kind, Panthera unveiled EnviroHoard™, the UK’s first net zero carbon verified hoarding system to have undergone a cradle to grave lifecycle assessment.  In 2021, Panthera Group became the first construction site set-up company to achieve carbon neutrality, and in 2023, as a step to support its strategy to decarbonise its operations, made a substantial investment in solar panels and electric car charging points and changed to a 100% renewable electricity tariff. We have already started to change when possible the smaller vehicles in our fleet with electric and sustainable alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles.

We have proudly partnered with UK charity, Trees for Cities, and leading sustainability experts, Circular Ecology, to plant trees for every metre of EnviroHoard™ and EnviroFence™ installed. The future is green with Panthera Group.  Working with like-minded suppliers and partners to deliver one mutual goal – a greener construction sector.  Our mission is not yet complete.  We are continuing to work towards our goal, with a brand-new sustainable product launching in Summer 2024.