Unoccupied, Not Unprotected: Secure Your Vacant Property

Leaving a property or site unoccupied doesn’t have to mean leaving it vulnerable. With Panthera’s vacant property security solutions you gain comprehensive protection for vacant buildings and land 24/7, 365 days a year.

We take pride in providing diverse security for vacant properties, including manned guarding, mobile patrols, VoidCAM™, EnviroHoard™ and hoarding systems, intruder alarms, security fencing and more.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Response

Protect vacant sites with VoidCAM™, a security surveillance system that alerts monitoring centres and site owners of any potential threats, allowing for a fast response.

Intruder Prevention

Our security services for void properties prevent and detect unauthorised access of your site, protecting your land and assets.

Access Control

Physical barriers such as hoarding systems, fencing and concrete blocks deter trespassers and prevent vehicles parking on your vacant site.

Avoid False Alarms

Our VoidCAM™ system utilises high-quality video monitoring to provide a visual of any disturbances, to avoid false alarms while providing peace of mind.

  • VoidCam™
  • VoidCam™

    VoidCAM™ - Peace Of Mind For Vacant Sites

    When your property is unoccupied or your piece of land is vacant, Panthera’s VoidCAM™ ensures it remains secure around the clock.

    This video security system provides complete peace of mind for empty sites, acting as both a deterrent against criminal activity and a video verification system, capturing high quality footage if needed. Featuring a built-in PIR camera, VoidCAM™ is monitored by security professionals round-the-clock.

    For extra security, our security guarding, manned response patrols, hoarding systems and fencing offer an additional layer of protection.

    Key Features

    • High-quality video footage
    • Wireless for quick installation
    • Fixed camera position ensuring no blind spots
    • Acts as deterrent for vacant sites
    • 2-year Lithium battery life
    • Durable and weatherproof camera casing
    • Prevents false alarms by giving a visual of what caused the alarm to activate (wildlife, etc.)
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    Got A Question About Our Void Property Security Systems?

    What Void Property Security products does Panthera offer?

    Our range includes CCTV such as VoidCAM™, physical (concrete) barriers to prevent vehicle access, fencing and hoarding (including EnviroFence™ and EnviroHoard™) and intruder alarms.

    Who are your Void Property Security solutions for?

    These products cater to owners or site managers of any property or piece of land that is void or unoccupied. Panthera’s security solutions protect these unoccupied sites from trespassers, vandalism and theft.

    Why is VoidCAM™ such a popular choice for Void Property Security?

    Our VoidCAM™ product utilises wireless technology, making it perfect for void properties without a power source. It also allows for real-time monitoring and can help with insurance claims for void properties.

    How do your Void Property Security products deter intruders?

    Each of our products acts as a valuable deterrent against unauthorised personnel. The presence of physical barriers makes it challenging for intruders to gain entry, while the presence of CCTV systems like VoidCAM™ help to deter criminals.

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