Streamline Construction Site Logistics

Panthera’s delivery management software provides visibility of your construction site’s upcoming deliveries from anywhere at any time. Our software allows you to effectively organise personnel and equipment around deliveries in order to maximise efficiency – this translates to reduced costs, improved worker productivity, and a project that stays on schedule and on budget.

Accessible via a cloud-based app, users can view delivery slots, communicate information to contractors, and schedule deliveries.

Compatible with access control systems, our delivery management software also works as an independent solution for construction sites across the UK.

Key Benefits:

Streamline Operations

Streamline the running of your construction site by overseeing and managing deliveries in real-time from anywhere.

Real-Time Visibility

Our software gives you an overview of upcoming deliveries, allowing you to communicate delivery protocols and site-specific information to contractors.

Full Control

Our software gives you all the information you need at your fingertips, such as detailed CO2 emissions reports, Section 60 notices, FORS, gate locations and tower crane slots.

User-Friendly Design

This software is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Full on-site training and support is also provided throughout your project.


Got A Question About Delivery Management Software?

Do I need delivery management software for my site?

Delivery management software can be the difference between an inefficient construction site and one that stays on track and on budget. Our software not only increases visibility over delivery schedules, but also allows users to organise personnel and equipment around delivery slots, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Is the software easy to use?

Yes! Our software is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Is there a hardware component to this system?

No - this delivery management system is software-only, making it a cost-effective solution!

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