Secure, Streamline, Simplify: Site Access Control

We understand the importance of tailored access control solutions that work perfectly with your construction site. At Panthera, we provide a range of site access control products that can be used alone or as a combined solution for full flexibility.

Our full or half-height turnstiles combine with advanced software systems which can be used control access, monitor attendance and provide accurate, insightful data. This can then streamline operations on your construction site, support billing accuracy, and aid with delivery management.

Key Benefits:

Complete Security

Our Access Control systems ensure only pre-enrolled personnel can access your site, preventing trespassers.

Advanced Technology

Our access control solutions benefit from cutting-edge technology, such as attendance monitoring software, facial recognition and efficient delivery management systems.

Cost Effective

Our site access systems promote cost-effectiveness by monitoring attendance, ensuring accurate billing.

On-Site Safety

Our turnstile and software solutions bolster on-site safety, facilitating swift emergency evacuation and monitoring on-site personnel.

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    Advanced Access Control Solutions

    At Panthera, we offer a range of physical access control solutions that can work alone or with additional software systems. From single or double turnstiles, half or full height, and turnstiles housed in cabins, we can offer flexible options to suit the needs of your site.

    Our turnstile barriers integrate with delivery management systems and can be further enhanced with facial recognition, biometrics, or attendance monitoring software.  For complete peace of mind, our turnstiles also integrate with emergency evacuation alarms, automatically switching to free-spin mode for safe and efficient evacuation if needed.

    Key Features

    • Flexible and customisable systems
    • Increased security/risk mitigation
    • Quick and easy installations
    • Training provided
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Fire Roll Call
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    Delivery Management

    State-Of-The-Art Delivery Management Systems

    Streamline your delivery processes with Panthera’s advanced delivery management systems. Our user-friendly cloud-based system (compatible with Cloudpass) allows site managers to manage delivery gate locations and laydown areas, allocate delivery slots and streamline site logistics.

    Key Features

    • Automate laborious tasks and manual processes
    • Improve the efficiency of your site
    • User-friendly software interface
    • Compatible with Cloudpass
    • Customisable and flexible to suit your needs
    • On-site training sessions available for staff
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    Got A Question About Our Access Control Systems?

    What type of hardware does Panthera offer for site access control?

    At Panthera, we offer single and double half height and full height turnstiles, as well as turnstiles in a cabin.

    What are the benefits of your software for site access control?

    Our advanced site access software is designed to complement your turnstiles. The state-of-the-art systems allow you to monitor attendance and see who is on your site in real-time.

    Are your access control systems customisable?

    Absolutely! Our access control systems range from physical barriers (turnstiles) to software systems - these can be used alone or as a combined solution. All of our access control systems are scalable and adaptable to suit the needs of different construction sites.

    Are your access control systems cost-effective?

    We offer a range of access control systems to suit different budgets. If you're looking for a cost-effective solution, please get in touch - we can advise you on the best option for you.

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