CraneSAFE™ and CraneCAM™  – Advanced Security Solutions

Crane safety isn’t just about protecting the machinery itself. Overlooking crane safety can put the well-being of your entire workforce at risk.

CraneSAFE™ is a high-security fencing system designed specifically for tower cranes, offering optimal protection without compromising operation.

A modular system that allows for customisation, CraneSAFE™ protects both your personnel and your equipment. This system is quick and easy to install, and can be combined with CraneCAM™, a state-of-the-art CCTV system.

Key Benefits:

Accident Prevention

By creating a secure barrier around the crane perimeter, CraneSAFE™ prevents unauthorised access and potential accidents.

Real-Time Monitoring

Access real-time video feeds remotely to monitor the crane and the surrounding area; although designed for CraneSAFE™, CraneCAM™ can be used to support any tower crane protection system.

Equipment Protection

As well as cranes, both CraneSAFE™ and CraneCAM™ also protect hoists, HAKI staircases and other high-risk access points.

Fast Installation

CraneSAFE™ can be installed in a single day, and its modular design means that it can be easily moved and adapted as necessary.

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  • CraneSAFE™

    CraneSAFE™ - Advanced Crane Protection System

    With a modular design for easy customisation, this high-security fencing system creates a secure barrier around your tower crane. With anti-tamper fixings, optional security toppings and durable anti-climb 358 mesh, CraneSAFE™ helps prevent unauthorised access. This not only protects the crane itself from potential damage, but also significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents.

    Unlike traditional plywood enclosures, CraneSAFE™ is a completely reusable system, meaning no materials need to be sent to landfill.

    Key Features

    •  3.0m and 3.6m height options available
    • One-day installation
    • Secure access gate with Gatemaster lock
    • Available nationally
    • Modular design
    • Available with buy-back option or contract hire
    • 100% reusable system
    •  Anti-climb mesh
    • Anti-tamper fixings
    • Designed to meet all three UK wind zones
    Cranesafe fencing


    CraneCAM™ - Real-Time Peace of Mind

    CraneCAM™ by Panthera Group is a CCTV surveillance system designed specifically for the protection of tower cranes. Although designed to be used alongside our CraneSAFE™ system to provide additional security, CraneCAM™ can also be used as a standalone solution.

    CraneCAM’s HD visuals allow real-time monitoring of both your crane and the surrounding areas, and AI minimises the risk of false alarms. Thanks to our NSI Gold monitoring station – which monitors 24/7, 365 days a year – any security breaches can be dealt with swiftly.

    Key Features

    • Wireless design
    • Approximate 1-year battery life
    • Integrated AI technology
    • User-friendly cloud-based app
    • Monitoring 24/7, 365 days via Panthera’s NSI Gold monitoring station
    • Can link multiple cranes
    • Military-grade system
    • Quick to install
    • Mobile phone alerts

    Got A Question About CraneSAFE™?

    How susainable is CraneSAFE™ compared to similar systems?

    CraneSAFE™ eliminates the need for timber/plywood crane security systems, which often end up in landfill. A 100% reusable system made with mesh, CraneSAFE™ results in zero waste being sent to landfill.

    How long does CraneSAFE™ take to install?

    CraneSAFE™, as well as any additional enhancements such as security toppings, can be installed in just a single day.

    How does CraneCAM™ work?

    CraneCAM™ is a CCTV system designed specifically for the security of cranes. This system monitors your crane in real-time, alerting users to security breaches via either mobile phone notifications or our 24/7 monitoring centre.

    What purchase/hire options are available for CraneCAM™ and CraneSAFE™?

    CraneSAFE™ is available either for hire or for purchase with our buy-back system. CraneCAM™ is exclusively available for rental.

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