See It, Stop It: Keep Your Build Safe with Panthera CCTV

Secure your construction site with Panthera’s range of CCTV solutions.

From theft to trespassing, Panthera’s CCTV cameras both deter and detect crime, keeping your construction site secure. Our scalable systems are designed to fit the needs of any project, big or small.

From advanced systems with video streaming and two-way audio to cost-effective CCTV solutions that allow 24/7 video footage review, at Panthera group we have a range of options to help safeguard your site.

Key Benefits:


Our CCTV solutions are designed to be cost-effective and scalable, so users can benefit from state-of-the-art CCTV systems while still staying on budget.

Reliable & Accurate

Our systems utilise cutting-edge technology for monitoring and recording, so you get clear images and crisp audio. We’ve also added an AI system designed to reduce false alarms!

Theft Protection

Not only do our CCTV systems act as a deterrent, but they are also designed to capture every corner of your site to eliminate any blind spots and monitor for suspicious activity.

Nationwide Service

Our nationwide CCTV systems are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. We can also be on site within 24 hours (often quicker), and we offer quick quotations so you can secure your site sooner.

  • SiteProtector™ Alert
  • SiteProtector Pro™
  • SiteProtector Mobile™
  • SiteProtector Mobile Solar™
  • SiteLapse™
  • SiteProtector™ Alert

    SiteProtector™ Alert – Small But Mighty

    The ideal choice for smaller sites, our cost-effective SiteProtector™ Alert is an impressive surveillance system that is versatile enough to be used anywhere.

    This wireless unit offers easy installation and flexibility, allowing effortless relocation on your construction site. When activated, it captures 10-second clips in black and white, which are instantly reviewed by our 24/7 Manned Centre personnel, ensuring your site is protected day and night.

    Key Features

    • Cost-effective solution for smaller sites
    • 24/7 video footage review
    • 2-year battery life
    • Precise monitoring with no blind spots
    • Easy to install
    • Flexible and customiseable
    • Housed in robust, weatherproof casing
    • Wireless
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    panthera siteprotector alert camera
    panthera siteprotector alert signage
    panthera siteprotector alert camera

    SiteProtector Pro™

    SiteProtector Pro™ - State-Of-The-Art Surveillance

    Introducing SiteProtector Pro™, Panthera’s advanced CCTV solution for larger construction projects. As well as accurate, high-definition visuals, SiteProtector Pro™ allows you to stay connected with real-time video streaming from a smartphone app. With clear live audio and the option of upgrading to a 1080p camera, SiteProtector Pro™ is the perfect solution for those looking to take their security to the next level.

    Key Features

    • Customisable to suit your needs
    • High-definition video
    • Real-time video streaming via smartphone app
    • 24-day recording capacity
    • Built-in UPS to act as backup should the device lose power
    • 24/7 ‘live’ monitoring from approved ARC
    • Clear live audio
    • Cost-effective long-term solution
    • Can be connected to additional devices
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    panthera siteprotector pro cctv on building site
    panthera siteprotector pro on construction site
    panthera siteprotector pro cctv installation

    SiteProtector Mobile™

    SiteProtector Mobile™ - A Powerful Deterrent

    Protect your site from potential threats with our SiteProtector Mobile™ system. This construction site CCTV system helps to prevent as well as detect crime. A green LED floodlight illuminates your construction site and act as a powerful deterrent, while the high-resolution cameras capture real-time footage.

    Key Features

    • Distinctive LED green light helps to deter criminals
    •  HD video recording
    •  White or IR lighting available instead of green
    • Camera detects up to 100m
    • 24/7 ‘live’ monitoring by an approved ARC
    • Built-in sensors for vandalism detection



    Solar camera on site

    SiteProtector Mobile Solar™

    SiteProtector Mobile Solar™ - Sustainable CCTV System

    Ensure uninterrupted security for your construction project – even if you don’t have a mains power connection. Perfect for sustainable sites, our SiteProtector Mobile Solar™ runs on solar power, with built-in batteries to take over when the sun isn’t shining. As with our SiteProtector Mobile™ system, the SiteProtector Mobile Solar™ system offers HD visuals, built-in sensors for tampering and vandalism, and infrared floodlights to prevent criminal activity.

    Key Features

    • Infrared LED light helps to deter criminals
    • HD video recording
    • Camera detects up to 100m
    • 24/7 ‘live’ monitoring by an approved ARC
    • Built-in sensors for vandalism detectio
    Solar camera on site
    solar powered mobile cctv camera
    solar powered mobile cctv camera


    Capture the progress of your project with SiteLapse™

    SiteLapse™, our innovative time-lapse camera, captures your construction project’s journey from start to finish. Designed specifically for construction site security, SiteLapse™ fosters collaboration with clients and colleagues and records site progress in real-time, helping to avoid any potential disputes.

    Key Features

    • Observe your site in real-time from anywhere
    • Condense progress into short video
    • Capture high-res images
    • Easily share live or recorded footage securely
    • Send scheduled reminders or project milestones
    • Before & after images to showcase progress
    Panthera camera

    Feature Comparison

    Mains-Free Operation

    Remotely monitored by NACOSS Gold ARC

    Alarm Response Service

    Smart Phone live video streaming

    Typical recording duration

    Live ‘Real-time’ audio challenge from ARC

    Periodic Maintenance Included

    Uninterrupted Power System (UPS)

    Full High Definition (HD) 1080p Cameras

    SiteProtector™ Alert

    Optional (additional cost)

    10 Seconds

    SiteProtector Pro™

    Optional (additional cost)

    Optional (additional cost)

    21 days

    Optional (additional cost)

    SiteProtector Mobile™


    31 days

    Optional (additional cost)

    SiteProtector Mobile Solar™

    31 days


    Got A Question About Our CCTV Systems?

    What CCTV products does Panthera offer?

    We offer a range of CCTV systems that are designed to cater to the needs of both small and large construction sites. Our systems include SiteProtector™ Alert, SiteProtector Pro™, SiteProtector Mobile™ and SiteProtector Mobile Solar™.

    Are your CCTV systems construction site compliant?

    All of our CCTV systems guarantee complete adherence to all construction site requirements.

    Are your CCTV systems customisable?

    Our SiteProtector™ range is highly flexible, allowing scalability and customisation to cater to the demands of each construction site. Our expert team will provide guidance to ensure the perfect fit for your requirements.

    How do your CCTV systems help to mitigate risk?

    Our range of CCTV systems act as a strong deterrent, discouraging potential intruders from targeting your site. Simultaneously, the high-quality footage captured by our systems provides clear visuals for identification and evidence collection, enhancing overall security and safety for your construction project.

    Got a question? Ask our expert team.
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