Safeguard Your Site – Emergency Alarms and First Aid Stations

Construction sites are inherently hazardous, making immediate response to emergencies crucial.  At Panthera, we’ve developed a range of site evacuation systems and first aid stations designed to keep your workforce safe when it matters most.

Alert your onsite staff to emergencies using SiteEvac™, our range of wireless alarm systems, and equip your crew with the essential supplies they need to handle accidents and injuries with our First Aid Stations.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Alerts

When triggered, our SiteEvac™ system sends SMS text alerts to designated personnel, allowing a swift response to any emergencies.

Centralised Control

SiteEvac™ allows you to access all information and data regarding your site’s safety all in one place and at the click of a button.

Speedy Evacuation

SiteEvac™ integrates with access control systems, and can automatically switch turnstiles to free-spin for a quicker evacuation.

Workplace First Aid

Our First Aid Stations come equipped with all the essential resources you’ll need to handle accidents or injuries, and they also allow you to alert a first aiders.

  • Control Equipment
  • Detection Equipment
  • Emergency Call Points
  • First Responder Stations & SiteHub
  • Control Equipment

    Detailed Event Logs At Your Fingertips

    Our SiteEvac™ system keeps you in complete control.  Wireless devices across your site send real-time data to user-friendly control panels. These panels display everything from first-aid alarms to heat and smoke detector activations.

    Plus, detailed event logs allow you to pinpoint any alerts. Scalable to fit any project size, SiteEvac™ ensures peace of mind on construction sites of all scopes.

    Key Features

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Downloadable history log of events
    • Data capture from up to 480 devices onsite
    • Inclusive of emergency alarms, first aid alerts, smoke & heat detector activations
    • Intuitive and user-friendly design
    • Optional intruder alert
    • Durable and weather resistant
    • Booster unit for each device
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    red button being pushed on control panel
    DB & Wireless Alarm Panel
    Wireless Alarm

    Detection Equipment

    Detect, Alert, Protect

    Our SiteEvac™ smoke and heat detectors provide reliable protection for your construction site around the clock. Equipped with advanced sensors, they identify potential threats early for a swift response, mitigating risk and minimising damage.

    Key Features

    • Smoke and heat detectors
    • Advanced sensors for early detection
    • Long-range radio meshing signal
    • 85-decibel sounder
    • Optional PIR
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Durable and weatherproof
    • Each device includes a booster unit
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    smoke detector with light turned on and smoke surrounding it
    red alarm light
    Wireless Alarm

    Emergency Call Points

    Safety Within Reach: Easy-Access Emergency Call Points

    In the event of an emergency, every second counts. Our SiteEvac™ emergency call points are strategically placed throughout your site, allowing workers to sound the alarm instantly in case of an emergency.  Scalable to any project size, this system ensures everyone has quick access to raise an alert, minimising response time and keeping your workforce safe.

    Key Features

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Long-range radio meshing signal
    • 110-decibel sounder and LED beacon
    • Optional PIR
    • Durable and weather resistant
    • Each device includes a booster unit
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    panthera group fire alarm on scaffolding
    panthera group wireless firealarm
    panthera group fire alarm on scaffolding

    First Responder Stations & SiteHub

    Fire Safety & First Aid Kits for On-Site Care

    Equipped with essential medical supplies, our SiteEvac™ First Aid Stations enable an immediate response to minor injuries while also featuring built-in alert systems. We also offer fire safety stations which contain emergency equipment. Our systems are fully customisable, meaning we can provide a station that perfectly suits the needs of your construction site.

    Key Features

    • Ensures quick access to essential first aid equipment
    • Freestanding with no need to fix to walls
    • Durable and weatherproof
    • Cabinet alarms
    • Available as fire safety stations and first aid points or both
    • Secure storage
    • Anti-taper pins to prevent misuse
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    Got A Question About Our Emergency Alarms and First Aid Stations?

    How long do SiteEvac™ wireless control panels last?

    Whilst being primarily mains powered, the SiteEvac™ control panel can run for yo to one month without power thanks to a 6v battery backup.

    Can I view past event logs with SiteEvac™?

    Our SiteEvac™ Control Panels record data and retain previous event logs, allowing you to find accurate timestamps when needed.

    What other features does the SiteEvac™ system have?

    SiteEvac™ contains a range of standard functions and optional enhancements including 24/7 monitoring, turnstile free-spin setting, and a GSM unit.

    How is the system connected to my construction site?

    Our systems seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, reducing installation time and costs, and minimising disruptions to ongoing construction activities.

    Why do I need a First Responder Station on my construction site?

    First Responder Stations provide essential first aid supplies, fire safety equipment and other resources to address minor injuries and emergencies swiftly. This immediate response can minimise the impact of incidents and ensure the well-being of your workforce.

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