Custom Hoarding & Fencing Solutions

At Panthera Group, we offer traditional site hoarding and fencing that can be tailored to your project. Choose sustainable, FSC® and PEFC™-certified timber hoarding with custom graphics and vibrant RAL colours to boost your project’s visibility.

Compliant with TWF2012 and BS 1722-14, our traditional hoarding also integrates with EnviroGate™ pedestrian and vehicle gates.

Key Benefits:

Quality Materials

Our traditional hoarding systems are made with quality materials including hardwood plywood, and PAR C24 grade posts and rails.

Sustainable Commitment

Our hoarding systems are made with the planet in mind; we use FSC® and PEFC™-certified timber and are audited by both to hold ‘Chain of Custody’ ensuring responsible procurement through the supply chain.

Flexible & Versatile

Panthera's hoarding systems are designed for scalability, easily adapting to fit the needs of both small-scale projects and large construction sites.

Advertising Opportunities

Our hoarding systems double as a prime advertising canvas, allowing projects to be showcased with custom paint colours or eye-catching graphics.

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    Traditional Hoarding Systems: Secure Your Site

    Our traditional hoarding systems are a robust barrier to deter unauthorised access from intruders and safeguard both your construction site and the general public. All systems include full temporary works designs and Cat1 checks as standard. Our traditional hoarding utilises FSC® and PEFC™ certified timber to ensure responsible forestry practices.

    Key Features

    • Fully compliant to TWf:2012 guidance
    • In-ground, on-ground or fixed to scaffolding
    • Customisable design
    • Integration with EnviroGate™ vehicle and pedestrian gates
    • Full decorating package
    • Hoarding graphics service
    • Clean Air anti-pollutant coating option
    Red Hoarding
    red timber hoarding
    green timber hoarding

    Security Fencing

    Security Fencing: Cost-Effective Site Safety

    Our security fencing solutions provide cost-effective, customisable, and adaptable perimeter security. Whether installed on-ground or in-ground, our range of security fencing systems are ideal for construction sites, events, highways and critical infrastructure.

    Key Features

    • Fully compliant to BS 1722-14
    • In-ground or on-ground
    • Customisable and flexible design
    • Integration with EnviroGate™ vehicle and pedestrian gates
    • Hire or purchase options
    Perimeter Fencing
    Stack of fencing
    Green perimeter fencing

    Got a Question About Our Traditional Hoarding Systems?

    Can Panthera’s hoarding systems be installed in-ground or on-ground?

    All our temporary hoarding systems can be installed both in-ground and on-ground.

    How sustainable are your construction hoarding systems?

    Our traditional hoarding systems are made with sustainability in mind, and we use FSC and PEFC-certified timber. For those looking for an even more sustainable hoarding solution, at Panthera we are proud to offer EnviroHoard™ - the UK’s first net zero carbon hoarding system.

    Is planning permission required for external hoarding systems?

    For most construction projects, planning permission is not required for external temporary hoarding solutions, however this isn't always the case. At Panthera Group, we are happy to advise should you require planning permission.

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