Site protector mini

SiteProtector™ Mini is Panthera’s entry level, video verified, alarm unit. Completely wireless and housed in a ruggedised casing with integral PIR security camera, the system captures a 10 second, full colour video clip upon being triggered.

This video is then automatically transferred to a fully accredited Monitoring Centre, manned by our security professionals 24/7 to verify whether the captured activity requires an immediate response by the key holder or dispatching a mobile uniformed officer to the site if confirmed as an illegal trespass.

Key Features

  • Rapidly deployed and easily moved to different locations
  • Provides proactive temporary site protection and monitoring
  • When activated, captures a 10-second video which is sent to our monitoring station for verification
  • Fixed camera prevents ‘blind spotting’ caused by accidental or deliberate movement of cameras
  • Can be connected to additional devices and peripherals to enhance on-site security
  • Perfect site security solution for small areas where there is particular need for protection or where a surrounding infrastructure is not available
  • Robust casing reduces risk of damage, downtime and replacement of damaged kit
  • Operates solely on Lithium batteries with a 2-year life expectancy
  • More effective and significantly less expensive than traditional manned-guarding.