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The UK’s First Net Zero Carbon
LCA Verified Hoarding System

System Enhancements

EnviroHoard™ & EnviroFence™

We offer a range of system enhancements to complement EnviroHoard™ and EnviroFence. Each has been designed to overcome common problems often found with plywood hoarding and temporary fencing.

Heavy duty cable support brackets allow for armoured, 110v and security cable to be run along the back of the systems; you can have a single row, or two or three rows so that cable types can be separated and kept safely held in place. This is a common problem on construction sites and one than has the potential to endanger lives.

Lighting brackets allow mains-powered, or mains-free bulkhead lights to be mechanically secured to the steel frame at high level removing potential vandalism of the light. This design allows improved light transfer as the lights are facing downwards to where the light is needed, it also reduces light pollution to neighbouring properties.

System enhancements include: – pavement protection mats, mains-powered or mains-free electronic fence security alarms, cable support brackets, anti-climb guard, bulkhead lighting, pedestrian and vehicle gates.

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How sustainable is your site hoarding?

Find out how sustainable your construction project will be when you specify EnviroHoard™

Simply fill in the total length of hoarding required and calculate your contribution to our sustainable future.

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