Security is essential for every construction site and arguably as important as the works being undertaken.  By failing to arrange sufficient construction site security, your project is vulnerable to vandalism, theft and breach of health and safety.

It is common knowledge that construction sites are home to expensive machinery, equipment, and materials – and therefore a target to thieves and vandals.  A poorly secured site can be also be accessible to unauthorised individuals, such as children, who are vulnerable to injury or fatality on a construction site.

Prevention of unauthorised access to your construction site is essential and will help limit  the increase in site security breaches.

Read our tips to keeping your construction site secure:

  1. Construction Site CCTV

It is important to consider construction site CCTV when arranging security for your project.  There are various CCTV options available – choose from vehicle access CCTV, perimeter CCTV and security CCTV, amongst others.  There are options available to suit every project regardless of size or scope.

Effective construction site CCTV offers:

  • Hard-wired or mains-free systems
  • HD Cameras
  • Remote control
  • Access via mobile App
  • Professional remote monitoring

A free no-obligation site assessment is available.

 Access Control

Construction sites are busier than ever.  Keeping track of who is on and off site is easy with the use of turnstiles.

Benefits of a turnstile:

  • Full time attendance reporting
  • Option of integrated facial recognition
  • Thermal cameras
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Speedy site enrolment (ability to validate CSCS cards, photo ID and taking fingerprint)
  1. Uniformed guarding

Manned guarding is still a popular option on larger sites, in conjunction with CCTV.  Choosing manned guarding as a measure for construction site security is a sensible option for evening time when sites are vacant.

Our security guards are:

  • Licenced
  • Experienced
  • Vetted
  • Uniformed
  1. Scaffold Security

If you have scaffold erected at your construction project always arrange a NCP 115 verified scaffold alarm.

By opting for an insurance compliant scaffold alarm, you are mitigating your risk and fulfilling your duty of care whilst a property is most vulnerable, with scaffold erected.

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