NCP 115, developed by National Security Inspectorate (NSI), provides an industry-specific benchmark for scaffold alarm system providers to adhere to.  By regulating the design, installation and maintenance of scaffold alarm systems, NCP 115 requires companies to comply with industry’s highest standards by achieving business excellence.

Prior to the introduction of NCP 115, which is a voluntary code of practice, the scaffold alarms sector had no industry-specific standards or regulation; leaving opportunity for poor practice.  The NSI’s rigorous audit process for new applicants is not for the faint hearted and many fail to reach the minimum standards for this prestigious accreditation. Internal and external reviews completed every six months ensure that standards do not slip; audited installer companies must comply with the highest security standards and demonstrate proven business and financial management.

Panthera Group is pleased to have helped enable this industry-specific code of practice to “provide a much-needed industry benchmark, raise installation standards and hopefully eliminate some serious malpractice” and for insurers to recognise for risk mitigation.  The introduction of NCP 115 enables contractors and the public to differentiate between regulated and unregulated scaffold alarm providers.

Panthera Group is the UK’s leading scaffold alarm installer and has complied with National Security Inspectorate industry standards since 2013.  NACOSS Gold accreditation illustrates the company’s commitment to industry standards and assures clients that their scaffold alarm system is regulated – an opportunity to mitigate their risk and fulfil their duty of care.

Panthera Group is a regulated and verified contractor by NSI – benefits include:

  • NCP 115 Compliant Tender Specification
  • Site Specific Risk Assessment
  • System Design Proposals
  • Security Screened Engineers & Office Staff
  • NACOSS Gold Monitoring
  • Uniquely Numbered NCP 115 Installation Certificate
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Six Monthly Audit Trail
  • Fulfilment of Duty of Care
  • Risk Mitigation

NCP 115 has set a benchmark for scaffold alarm providers to aspire to.  Panthera Group is pleased to have helped set this standard.

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