The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has revised ‘Hoardings – A guide to good practice’ in August 2020, with the main changes considering hoarding duration, shielding and wind factors (around tall buildings) and reduction of passive resistance.  This update also considers CDM2015 and BS 5975: 2019.

Panthera Group, a leading construction site set up company offering Plywood Hoarding and EnviroHoard™ is delighted to have joined the Temporary Works Forum in March 2022, with both systems complying with TWf:2012: rev 2020.  Panthera’s award-winning hoarding system, EnviroHoard™, is the UK’s first net zero carbon hoarding system that not only complies with TWf2012:01, but also promises various sustainability and commercial benefits on all construction projects.

The company’s Managing Director, Neal James says:

“Hoarding installed in accordance with TWf guidance is different to the hoarding we once knew; for a long time now hoarding has been recognised as forming part of Temporary Works, changes in codes, increased factors of safety and improved safety culture, and of course, companies becoming more risk averse are all factors to this change”.

James warmly welcomes the compliance of hoarding structures as set out in TWf’s guidance and continues to raise awareness of these standards across the construction industry, which he suggests may often be underestimated and overlooked.

Do you know what the process is for managing hoarding works on your construction project?

The TWf stipulates that, as hoarding is considered ‘Temporary Works’, that it is the main contractor’s responsibility to provide a ‘Design Brief’ at tender stage and carry out periodic checks on the structure in line with guidance.

Hoarding is typically designed to resist wind and human induced loadings.  These can be influenced, sometimes significantly by:

  • Geographical location
  • Site altitude
  • Terrain type
  • Ground Conditions
  • Distance to the coast
  • Installation duration
  • Proximity to train lines
  • Configuration
  • Tall buildings
  • Pedestrian/Crowd loading

James has advised of other aspects that should be considered:

  • The ‘Factor of Safety’ (FOS) required – in the latest TWf:2012 guidance this has recently been increased from 1.2 to 1.5 for overturning, and reduced from 2.0 to 1.5 for sliding
  • Ground slope
  • Proximity to existing or future excavations

In additional to traditional plywood hoarding and EnviroHoard™, Panthera Group also offers temporary site services, construction site security, office and welfare fit out, and insurance compliant scaffold alarms.

For further information, contact Panthera Group’s specialists by calling 0845 165 1234 or email