Project: Harrods Store, London SW1

Client: Restore London Ltd

Services Delivered: Hoarding | Security | Temporary Site Services


The Brief: Restoration specialists Restore London appointed Panthera Group to provide the hoarding, security and temporary site services package to assist them in their complex and specialist terracotta repair works to the iconic Harrods Store

Panthera’s brief was to design, install and maintain a high quality hoarding enclosure to facilitate the works being carried out within normal working hours and to separate the works are from the extremely high footfall public footpath.

As part of our works we installed and certificated an internal hoarding alarm system compliant to NCP115, this was monitored 24/7 and linked to the Harrods security desk.

To furthermore support our client Restore London we supplied them with a full temporary site services package: – power, water and a water management system were installed to allow working within normal working hours.