Canterbury Cathedral is one of England’s oldest and most famous Christian structures and forms one of Britain’s few World Heritage Sites, along with the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church. Of huge historical and religious significance the Cathedral dates back 579AD and original parts of the building include an 11th century crypt. Its leader, The Archbishop of Canterbury, is symbolic leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

To preserve the architecturally stunning building a 5-year conservation programme – The Canterbury Journey – began in 2016 to preserve and safeguard the building’s heritage for future generations.

The entrance to the cathedral is the latest to undergo full restoration.  To enable safe access to the structure, full scaffolding was erected and the sculpture of ‘Welcoming Christ’ removed from Christchurch gate for safe keeping during works.

All Access Ltd, a long-term client of Panthera Security, has supplied and erected all scaffolding requirements for each phase of the project, including the latest round the entrance which will be in place for a year. As part of the specification the company opted to work with Panthera Security to supply and install a mains free Scaffolding Alarm System with remote GSM monitoring. Several PIR wireless detectors are positioned on the first lift of scaffolding to ensure full protection of the site and eliminate the risk of tampering.  Breaches activate an instant notification to the client to ensure immediate action.

Matt Butler, from All Access Ltd, is proud to be working on the historically significant project and chose Panthera Security as a trusted partner for the alarms;

“On this project we worked to the NCP115 code which stipulates that the scaffold should be supervised by detectors. Whenever we require compliant alarm solutions we work with Panthera Security as they are fully accredited and provide an unrivalled level of service. It gives us complete peace of mind that our scaffold – and the building work underneath – is fully monitored 24/7.”

Panthera Security is the UK’s first ever NSI Gold approved scaffold alarm company that can design, install and maintain alarm systems in accordance with NCP115; the national code of practice that is recognised by insurers.