Concrete4Change (C4C) is an award-winning Research & Development company on a mission to decarbonise the construction industry.  C4C permanently mineralises CO2 in concrete, providing a pathway for the construction industry, and specifically, the concrete industry to move beyond net zero and become net negative.  Now, Concrete4Change has teamed up with Panthera Group and its supplier Hanson UK to industrially deploy its concrete using the C4C Concrete Technology.

On Friday 11th March 2022, Panthera Group invited Concrete4Change and Hanson UK to its headquarters in Redhill to find out more information about the product and how it can assist in further decarbonising the company’s EnviroBlok, part of their award-winning EnviroHoard™ system. Sid Pourfalah, Founder and CEO at Concrete4Change was in attendance with Co-Founder and CTO Michael Wise, to oversee the concrete pour with Panthera Group and Hanson, adding 5kg of C4C Concrete Technology to each block.

EnviroHoard™ is the first sustainable construction site hoarding to have been verified Net Zero Carbon. Having gone through an extensive cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) EnviroHoard™ is the only Net Zero Carbon site hoarding system on the UK construction market.  As one would expect from such system, the low carbon EnviroBlok has been designed specifically to work with the EnviroHoard™ system and incorporates 50% Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag which is a sustainable cement replacement.  In direct comparison to using one tonne of Portland Cement, by using one tonne of GGBS in concrete reduces the embodied CO2 by around 900kg and increases its durability.

Panthera Group’s Managing Director, Neal James, attended the event and is looking forward to the prospect of a future of net-negative construction:

“It has been eye opening to learn about C4C’s technology and the impact it could have in supporting the UK construction industry’s drive towards a carbon neutrality. After winning the Innovation award at COP26 we were delighted to be chosen by C4C to test their technology in our EnviroBlok, the low carbon block that forms part of our patent-pending Net Zero EnviroHoard™ system. This high-profile collaboration demonstrates the robustness of the EnviroHoard™ systems Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); we are delighted to be working with C4C and look forward to working with them on the development of their technology.”

Can EnviroHoard™, together with Concrete4Change’s Technology, become the world’s first net-negative construction site hoarding system?

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