John Sisk & Son has awarded a sole supplier nationwide framework to Panthera Group’s net zero carbon hoarding solution, EnviroHoard™.


The construction industry accounts for approximately 60% of material use and a third of all waste in the UK.  It is widely recognised across the industry that site hoarding is traditionally made of painted timber and plywood and at the end of each project will have reached its lifespan and disposed to landfill.


Sisk has published its ambitious 2030 roadmap defining targets and actions to reduce the company’s waste intensity by 50%.  To achieve circular economy, Sisk understand the need to stop producing waste on all construction projects and intend to embed these principles into all operations by 2023.  Putting its good intentions to practice, the company has taken a bold step towards achieving circular economy by mandating EnviroHoard™ across it projects.


EnviroHoard™ is the first sustainable hoarding system to have undergone an extensive cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), in accordance with the European wide standard EN 15804:2019.  The multi award-winning system has been designed and developed to eliminate the use of timber and plywood for the construction of site hoarding, to support contractor’s BREEAM, CEEQUAL and Considerate Constructor scoring whilst also working towards Construction 2025.


On a project of two years, by specifying EnviroHoard™, Sisk will benefit from 70% lower embodied carbon than if using the equivalent plywood hoarding method, along with additional climate positive benefits including carbon offsetting and tree planting that can be directly attributed to the individual project.  By opting to use 2500m of EnviroHoard™ versus plywood hoarding across its projects, Sisk can expect:


  • Embodied carbon saving of 177.14 tCO2e
  • 211 trees planted
  • Equivalent of taking approximately 60 family sized cards off the road
  • Saving an estimated 100 no. 30-50-year-old softwood trees from being needlessly cut down


Craig Murphy, Supply Chain Director of John Sisk & Sons Ltd said about this framework agreement:


“We are delighted to have recently renewed our strategic partnership with Panthera Group Services (PGS). It is a partnership that we feel will continue to generate great value for our business, and that is underpinned by a significant strategic alignment between the two organisations. As part of our 2030 Sustainability Roadmap Sisk have committed to reducing our carbon and waste intensity through adopting circular principles. PGS’s continued focus on innovation and their investment into product development offers Sisk access to a unique value proposition, one that provides opportunity to support our business objectives in this regard. By using Panthera EnviroHoard system which has been verified as net zero carbon solution, our site teams can further contribute towards our drive to decarbonise our projects”.


Panthera Group Managing Director commented on the framework award:


“This is fantastic news for all the team at Panthera, it is testament to the credibility of the EnviroHoard™ systems sustainability claims whilst proving it is also commercially viable. Our relationship with Sisk goes back over 10 years and this is our second framework award.  We are looking forward in supporting Sisk decarbonise it projects over the coming years”.


Additionally, considering the soaring material prices and specifically, the global rise in the price of timber, EnviroHoard™ offers cost savings against the purchase of traditional hoarding in the region of 15%.  Panthera offer a contract-hire or outright-purchase on all elements of the EnviroHoard™ system.


Sisk’s analysis of Panthera’s EnviroHoard™ was reached assuming a project of two-years; importantly, the sustainability and commercial benefits of specifying EnviroHoard™ soar as the longer the project’s duration, the greater the difference.


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