The recently updated EnviroHoard™ sustainable hoarding system features a game-changing steel support frame that was purpose-designed for the quick and easy installation of EnviroHoard™ panels.

Traditional hoarding frames tend to consist of wooden posts and rails or scaffolding poles which provide little flexibility and can be difficult to install, particularly in arduous ground conditions. Neal James, Managing Director of Panthera Group, was convinced there was a better, more flexible way of supporting recycled uPVC panels that would enhance performance and installation.

“Whilst developing an upgraded version of our sustainable hoarding system, EnviroHoard™, we took the opportunity to purpose-design a complete frame and rail system that would provide operational and installation advantages. With years of installation experience to call on we designed and prototyped a unique, fixing-free horizontal rail system featuring adjustable brackets which would enable us to level the posts in both axis and allow us to install hoarding on gradients up to 1.8m.”

Designed to work within temporary works compliance, the patent-pending galvanised steel support framework was then CAD designed to streamline the final design and tested in simulated site conditions with EnviroHoard™ panels and a new, low carbon block (EnviroBlok) to ensure it met the demanding challenges of construction sites.

Adjustable upper and lower steel brackets connect the EnviroBlok to the steel support post with a simple yet effective adjustment mechanism, whilst strategically positioned welded rail support brackets on the post were designed to enable horizontal levelling of the system on uneven ground.  The unique ‘fixing-free’ rails slot into place ready for the panels; helping to increase speed of installation, adaptation and dismantling of the site hoarding.

The final design was engineered to meet wind, notional and crowd loading guidelines even when the frame is extended 3.0m or 3.6m high. Lighting and cable support brackets were integrated into the design and the system is sufficiently flexible to be used with weldmesh panels for no-dig temporary security mesh fences.

Designed for re-use multiple times to improve the sustainability of construction site hoarding systems it has also proven to offer strength and versatility;

“Our customers not only appreciate the environmental nature of EnviroHoard™ – which has been LCA verified as net zero carbon* – but also its inherent flexibility. It can be used with panels, fencing, doors, windows, elongated, lit, alarmed…. Whatever the customers site requirements, we can design a bespoke hoarding for them. And it improves their Considerate Constructor and BREEAM scoring into the bargain.”

*Verified as net zero carbon via a cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) EN 15804:2019 in 2021

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