We’re delighted to announce the launch of our upgraded EnviroHoard™, the UK’s first Net Zero verified sustainable construction site hoarding system. Now more sustainable than ever, its patent pending design has a number of unique features that each help to drive down the system’s embodied carbon. The new design offers the shallowest footprint for tight sites, is 100% reusable and can be installed in-ground or on-ground.

NEW low carbon block

At the heart of the upgrade is a brand-new low carbon block with 30% GGBS (ground granulated blast furnace slag) cement replacement. Manufactured in-house to ensure quality and to reduce embodied carbon, the innovative EnviroBlok has many features that improve the ease of installation of EnviroHoard™ systems. A strategically positioned cast-in channel and M16 sockets allow for rapid installation on uneven ground up to a gradient of 1:8.

EnviroBlok is designed to connect at all three corners where there are increased loads on the hoarding and is stacked at free ends to comply with temporary work requirements. The blocks can be stacked three high to meet the UK’s three wind zones and feature an integrated slot for forklift tines. A 2.5 tonne rated lifting pin ensures safe movement on site.

NEW steel support framework

Engineer-designed to work in conjunction with EnviroBlok, the new support frame is strong, simple and quick to install and is designed to meet the UK’s three wind zones for temporary works compliance. The frame features unique adjustable brackets that connect the block to the post with a mechanism that can be adjusted for gradients up to 1.8m. Additionally, rail support brackets allow horizontal levelling of the system to enable installation on uneven ground. ‘Fixing-free’ rails increase speed of installation, adaption and dismantling of the construction site hoarding system.

The highly flexible new framework system has been designed to meet the needs of hoarding projects large and small. Standard height is 2.4m but it can be extended up to 3.6m high and has the ability to integrate lighting and cable support brackets.

EnviroHoard™ Options

EnviroHoard™ panels are made from 100% post-industrial and post-consumer waste uPVC. A truly closed loop system, the panels can be used multiple times and recycled at the end of their useful life back into pellets for making new EnviroHoard™ panels.

EnviroHoard™ 2.4 is the standard system offering 2.4m panels that can be fixed on-ground with the low carbon EnviroBlok, in-ground or fixed directly to scaffold.

EnviroHoard™ SHIELD is a 3.0m high system offering extra height for projects that require increased security. This flexible option has two height options – 3.0m solid panels – or 2.4m panels with 600mm mesh extension.

EnviroHoard GOLIATH is a 3.6m hoarding for sites that require maximum perimeter security. It can be specified with either 3.6m solid panels or 2.4m panels with a 1200mm mesh extension.

EnviroHoard™ SCAFFOLD is a sustainable alternative for encasing scaffold including towers, straight runs and even soffits. Heights up to 7m with or without mesh are available.

EnviroFence™ is the highest no-dig, temporary fence system in the UK. Offering rapid perimeter protection up to 3.6m in height it is designed to meet BS1722-14; the same as permanent rigid mesh panel fencing.

EnviroHoard™ and EnviroFence™ enhancements include electronic security alarms, cable support brackets, anti-climb rolling spikes, bulkhead lighting, PVC-Free graphics, Living Hoarding and pedestrian and vehicle gates.

All our hoarding systems are supplied with engineer’s calculation and design drawings in accordance

EnviroHoard™ is the first sustainable hoarding system to be verified Net Zero Carbon and has gone through an extensive cradle to grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to EN15804:2019. On average the system is between 60 – 70% lower embodied carbon than a plywood hoarding; even more on longer terms projects. To further support sustainability targets, the system has additional climate positive benefits in the shape of verified carbon off-setting schemes which address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are also going one step further by embracing the climate positive benefits of planting trees via Trees for Cities on the completion of each job. And, with environmental partner, Circular Ecology, we are investing in global plantations ravaged by deforestation.

Using EnviroHoard™ as your site hoarding system ensures enhanced scores for Considerate Constructors, BREEAM and CEEQUAL whilst working towards Construction 2025, the UK Strategy for Sustainable Construction.