EnviroHoard™ is a sustainable construction site hoarding solution that does not compromise on performance. Developed by Panthera Group to offer a sustainable solution to timber site hoarding, its environmental credentials are exceptional. However, it’s not at the detriment of its ability to do the job.

In fact, there are operational benefits for customers specifying EnviroHoard™ over traditional timber and plywood hoarding systems.

  • Quicker to install
  • No on-site decorating required
  • Does not delaminate or deteriorate
  • No on-going costly maintenance
  • Temporary Works Compliant
  • Twf:2012 site specific calculations provided for wind/crowd/vehicle

When it comes to installation it is an adaptable solution.

  • It can be installed in-ground
  • On-ground installation using certified concrete blocks as kentledge
  • Or fixed directly to scaffold
  • Framework is constructed using 48mm galvanized scaffold tube and standard scaffold fitting
  • Modular design reduces cost of hoarding moves
  • Lighter panels improve manual handling and facilitates installation
  • EnviroHoard™ panel weighs 5.7kg whilst a sheet of 18mm plywood weighs 25kg

When branding is important the system is equally flexible.

  • Panels, up to 7m in height, are supplied as standard in a white finish
  • But are available in any corporate colour
  • Smooth, flat, clean panel surfaces are ideal for direct application of graphics
  • Colourful vinyl graphics can be produced in-house to showcase a brand or project
  • Artwork is fixed to panels in the workshop saving time on-site

Specifying EnviroHoard™ for a project is not only the best environmental decision, it also makes operational sense. For more information please call Richard Cooney on 020 8545 9490 or email r.cooney@pantheragroup.com