Since the launch of net zero EnviroHoard™ in 2021, Panthera Group contracts for the sustainable site protection hoarding system now exceed 53% of all hoarding sales in the business; a figure that far outperforms predicted forecasts. This is no doubt assisted by the wider construction sector’s drive for net zero.

As a result, the in-house production of patent-pending EnviroBlok has increased by over a third and Panthera Group has not only recruited additional production staff, but has had to procure additional steel moulds to meet demand. The unique, low carbon block integrates 50% GGBS providing a saving in CO2 of 194 kg / m³ compared to CEMI concrete. It is produced to Panthera’s specification by Hanson Concrete and poured into unique moulds designed by Neal James, Managing Director of Panthera. The blocks are one element of the vertical integration strategy pioneered by Neal who wanted to take control of as many areas of production as possible to ensure quality and stock levels. Despite global economic challenges, the company’s order book for its EnviroHoard™ system is surpassing all expectations.

“A combination of new projects and the switch from timber hoarding to EnviroHoard™ has driven demand of the systems low carbon 800kg support block. This is now a full-time operation at Panthera Group and so we are delighted to welcome, Kieran and Harry, who have joined the company to supports its manufacturing of EnviroBlok. With unique fixings inherent in the design, this is a skilled role and one that assures a quality product. I am delighted our focus on sustainable hoarding is having a real impact across the construction industry.”