Scaffold Lighting

Light up your scaffold with Panthera Security’s range of temporary site lighting solutions.

Temporary lighting is a cost-effective security measure to deter trespassers from accessing your scaffold and also helps comply with health & safety standards on and around site.

In addition to your NCP115 certificated scaffold alarm, Panthera Security can supply and install a wide range of lighting products to suit your projects requirements – mains powered, mains-free temporary fittings, 110v LED bulkhead, strip and flood lighting and alarm activated flood lighting for sites requiring a higher level of security. Our lighting can be fixed securely to all types of scaffolding.

Mains-Powered Scaffold Alarm Systems

Where access to 230v mains power is available, a mains-powered scaffold alarm system is still a great choice of system. Mains-powered scaffold alarm systems are preferred for large projects where lots of detectors are required to cover all the scaffolding.

Panthera’s most specified system, ‘The Enhanced Silver System’ is mains-powered. It provides the most in terms of functionality, and importantly, it offers the greatest level of reporting.

A number of additional security products can be integrated into a mains-powered scaffold alarm system, these can include – Alarm Activated Lighting, CCTV and even Site Fire Evacuation devices. I would like underlined items to be linked to further information pages

Add a GSM unit and benefit from 24/7 monitoring of the system by a NACOSS Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). All mains-powered scaffold alarm systems are PAT tested by our in-house electrical division.

Light fitting and cable clips
Light fitting and cable clips

Mains-Free Scaffold Alarms

Mains-free scaffold alarm systems are an increasingly popular choice and offer greater flexibility than hardwired systems for the very reason they do not require connection to a 230v supply. Just like our mains-powered systems, they are installed and certificated to NCP115 for insurance compliance.

Robust, external grade and fit for purpose wireless detection units are the primary devices used with the system. Much like the mains-powered system, our wireless fire evacuation and wireless sounder/strobe units can be connected to the system.

Add a GSM unit and benefit from 24/7 monitoring of the system by a NACOSS Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Battery Scaffold Lighting

Where there is no access to mains-power or for short durations scaffold projects, our IP65 rated battery powered scaffold lights are the perfect low-cost solution. They come in red for roadside scaffold or clear for pedestrian footpaths.

Our battery powered scaffold lights are photocell controlled and supplied with a robust security bracket for securing to scaffold.

Lights can be purchased directly from Panthera and will be delivered to your site ready for your own installation.  Alternatively, battery scaffold lights can be installed by Panthera on a hire basis.

Light fitting and cable clips
Light fitting and cable clips

Mains-Powered Scaffold Lighting

Panthera offer a range of mains-powered lighting options for your scaffold project. We can supply, install and maintain 110v LED bulkhead lighting that will help you comply with local authority regulations of lighting a dangerous structure on a public footpath.

We can also provide LED strip lighting to the underside of gantries, or throughout the scaffold lifts if it is a requirement. For increased illumination, LED flood lighting can be used; these can even be integrated into our alarm system where they are activated if the alarm is triggered.

To help reduce your projects energy consumption and ultimately carbon footprint, Panthera can install timer control units or even lighting units with their own integral PIR.

No temporary power infrastructure on site? No problem. Let a member of our team know and we can design, install and maintain your projects temporary power in accordance with current regulations and certificate to NICEIC.

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