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Awareness of NCP115 for the Design,Installation & Maintenance of Scaffold Alarm Systems

Scaffold Alarms & Scaffold Security

Established in 2003, Panthera Security, is the UK’s leading specialist scaffold alarm installer able to design, install, maintain and certificate its scaffold alarm (GB) systems in accordance with the National Security Inspectorates Code of Practice, NCP115.

Part of Panthera Group, Panthera Security’s products are designed to meet the challenging demands of construction sites, to improve security and enhance safety.  Operating nationally, Panthera is able to offer scaffold alarm installations at just 24hours’ notice.

Our team of security specialists have developed a range of mains powered and mains-free scaffold alarm systems, all certificated and compliant to NCP115, to help mitigate risk and meet insurance companies’ requirements.  We have the technical expertise to design and install a tailored security solution for any size or shape scaffold.

Why Choose Panthera Security?

Theft from construction sites is on the rise costing insurers an estimated £800 million annually.  Choosing the right partner for your scaffold alarms system (GB) has never been more important to protect your property, projects, clients, residents and stakeholders.

Scaffolding provides easy access to parts of a building where, quite often, no internal alarm system is installed; it can also provide access to neighbouring properties creating further risk.  Aside from the obvious security risk, scaffolding can be a supersized climbing frame for children and thrill seekers.

As a company or individual you have a ‘duty of care’ to protect the scaffolding from unauthorised access that could result in injury or death.


Market leaders since 2003, Panthera Security operations are UKAS 9001 compliance and systems are certificated in accordance with NCP115.

  • UK’s largest specialist Scaffold Alarm installer
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 24 hours’ notice for installation of new scaffold security systems
  • Same day installations across London & Home Counties
  • Insurance company approved
  • Supported 24/7, 365 days a year
  • NCP115 Certification


The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Code of Practice, NCP 115, regulates the design, installation, and maintenance of scaffolding alarm systems. Audited installer companies must comply with the highest security standards and demonstrate proven business and financial management.

Prior to the introduction of the NSI’s Code of Practice NCP115 there was no regulation of Scaffold Alarm Systems or companies in the UK. The code was developed to provide an industry standard for installers to be audited against and for insurers to recognise for risk mitigation.

In 2013 Panthera Security became the UK’s first NACOSS Gold accredited installer to be audited by the National Security inspectorate to Design, Install and Maintain Scaffold Alarm Systems in accordance with Code of Practice NCP115.

  • NCP115 Regulates the Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Scaffolding Alarm Systems
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Duty of Care Compliance

Managing Director of Panthera Group, Neal James, worked alongside the NSI to develop NCP115. This means that Panthera are able to deliver certified CPD’s on behalf of the NSI to provide companies an ‘Introduction to National Code of Practice NCP 115 – Design, Installation & Maintenance of Scaffold Alarm Systems’.


Join over 50 of the UK’s leading Estate Management companies, Block Managers and Building Surveyors who already specify Panthera’s Enhanced Silver Scaffold Alarm system.  The NSI developed NCP115 to help improve standards of good practice in an unregulated and unknown sector of the security industry, setting an industry benchmark which scaffold alarm system providers can now aspire and adhere to.

Learn about the National Security Inspectorates Code of Practice and how to mitigate risk when specifying Scaffold Alarm systems.

As a regulated and verified contractor, by nominating Panthera’s Scaffold Alarms you will benefit from:

  • NCP115 Compliant Tender Specification
  • Site Specific Risk Assessment
  • System Design Proposals
  • Security Screened Engineers & Office Staff
  • NACOSS Gold Monitoring
  • Uniquely Numbered NCP115 Installation Certificate
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Six Monthly Audit Trail
  • Fulfilment of Duty of Care
  • Risk Mitigation

Interested in attending our Awareness of NCP 115 for the Design, Installation & Maintenance of Scaffold Alarm Systems seminar?

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