EnviroHoard™ is a sustainable construction site hoarding solution that is also one of the safest on the market. The construction sector has the highest levels of health and safety practices and EnviroHoard™ is designed to support these further.

The use of recycled uPVC over traditional timber and plywood has particular benefits for installers, site workers and the wider public.

  • Elimination of the risk of wood dust
  • No painting, no sand dust or solvents
  • Improved manual handling from lighter panels
  • Zero instances of cable strikes with the on-ground system
  • No risk of hand arm vibration from breaker work
  • No landfill therefore no methane produced as in the case of sending timber hoarding to landfill

It is thought that wood rotting in landfill produces a quantity of methane as harmful as 600kg of CO². Bad for air quality and bad for the environment.

EnviroHoard™ is never sent to landfill and is always recycled and repurposed.

Specifying EnviroHoard™ justifiably improves Considerate Constructors scoring.

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